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Best Blooms for Winter

Landscaping is a vital part of the home-selling process. One of the first things a prospective home-buyer sees when viewing your home is the front yard. If you’re trying to sell your home in the winter, dead flowers can be an uninviting omen.


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Here are a few flowers, organized by region, that will bloom even in the dead of winter.


- North

Balloon Flower - These flowers come in a variety of colors (blue, pink and white). You can choose a color that will contrast with the exterior of your home. Although balloon flowers may take some time to bloom in the spring, they’re known to live for an exceptionally long time, which makes them the perfect winter flower for your garden.


Bellflower - Bellflowers can be blue (sometimes with a bit of purple) or white, so they’ll work nicely with a red or pink brick or beige stone exterior. While these flowers need full hydration in order to flourish, they can thrive on cloudy winter days.


Black-eyed Susan - Black-eyed Susans are a bright, yellow addition to any garden. Be sure to plant them in a place where they’ll get the most sunlight, even during the winter. They’re easy to grow (they do a lot of the work on their own), and they’re known to prosper even in dry weather.


- South

Calendula - Calendula can be orange, yellow or an off-white. Plant these flowers where they’ll get plenty of sunlight (i.e., in a pot overhanging the front porch, not under a tree).


Honeywort - Honeywort has unique colors in both its stem and its petals: the leaves transition from emerald to yellow-green while the blossom is a rich indigo-violet. These flowers are known to struggle during harsh summers but are generally good to have during the wintertime.


Sweet Alyssum - You probably remember Baby’s Breath from the shabby chic craze. Sweet Alyssum looks a lot like this but lasts even during shady winter conditions.


- Central

Ice Follies - Ice Follies are white, star-shaped flowers with bursts of yellow in the middle. They blossom in the spring, but sustain throughout the year and even multiply with little attention.


The Poet’s Daffodil - The Poet’s Daffodil is a cousin of Ice Follies with softer edges and a center that has a splash of red in it. Also like Ice Follies, these flowers increase in number, even while you’re lounging by the fireplace.


Pink Impression - Pink Impressions certainly live up to their name: they are the perfect pink accent in your garden and leave a lasting impression on potential home-buyers. These flowers can get nourishment in even light shade.


- East Coast

Starflower - Starflowers are a combination of two of the most romantic symbols in our culture – both in name and in appearance. They spread easily and grow outside of direct sunlight.


Dutch Master - If you thought the Black-eyed Susan was a vibrant addition to a garden, just wait until you see the Dutch Master. Even in the dead of winter, Dutch Masters can seem like tiny rays of sunlight all over your garden.


Red Oxford - Red Oxfords are very similar to Pink Impressions in shape, but the color difference is both clear and striking. These flowers would contrast nicely against homes with beige, brown or blue exteriors.


Upgrading your garden is just one of the many ways you can improve your home before you sell it. For more tips, reach out to us anytime.

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