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Empty Nesters, Thinking About Downsizing?

A smaller space doesn't have to mean smaller living; we reduce square footage, not luxury!

No matter if it’s you or your parents or grandparents, older homeowners have different needs than the average homeowner. Moving can be overwhelming, but downsizing is a whole other anxiety in itself. Its difficult to know where to start and not to mention your probably wondering what your going to do with all your "stuff".

No worries, we can help you through the entire process to ease the burden and minimize your stress. With Sorelle's concierge services, we can provide you with:

  • De-Cluttering assistance to help with possessions, clothing, and documents

  • Assessment of furniture, antiques, and artwork with our in-house appraiser

  • Figuring out what to donate, keep, sell, or auction

  • Staging your home to attract buyers with our expert in-house home decor team

  • Listing your home for sale with maximum exposure through our saturated marketing

  • Finding your new home locally or in your desired destination

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Here are a few reasons downsizing is a great option


Family - Having relatives close by grows in importance for many. If family members have moved away from the family home, a relocation could be in order. Or, for those with family nearby, this could simply entail downsizing or rightsizing to a smaller place across town.


Roots - Many older homeowners choose to stay put because they want to maintain their existing friendships and community connections, meaning home needs may change but the zip code may not.


Size - Some homeowners in larger homes find the time and money necessary for its maintenance to be too much and simply look for a smaller home or a condo/townhouse that doesn’t require the same level of upkeep—or the same square footage.


Finances - Many homeowners stay in the same city or state in which they raised their family despite the fact that a change in climate might be inviting. Many retirees examine their financial situation and the tax implications of moving to another state and realize it may not be a wise move monetarily.


Emotions - Before any move away from family—and a family home—can succeed, both the owners of the home and their entire family must be able to make an emotional break from the home. This will make the transition for the owners easier and the transaction simpler when all parties realize that the move is a business matter and not about a memory-filled structure that is being "lost."


Give us a call today if you'd like more information on the process of downsizing, reducing square footage, and keeping luxury. 703.495.7500 . The simplicity a smaller space can offer is well worth checking out your options!

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