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Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

Finding roof problems before they turn into water leaks can help you stretch your roof’s life span and keep damaging water from entering your home.


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Fall is a good time to see what’s going on with your roof since you’re likely up on the ladder cleaning gutters this time of year. While you’re up there, look for these six signs of roof problems:

  1. Discoloration

  2. Cracking

  3. Uneven surfaces

  4. Curled and missing shingles

  5. Granules in the gutter, which fall from shingles and expose the asphalt underneath.

  6. Then, check the underside of your roof by going up in the attic.

If you find any of those signs of roof issues, get in touch with a contractor to assess your roof’s condition and discuss replacement.


Always use a roofing company that’s licensed, bonded and insured.


When a contractor tells you it’s time to replace the roof, ask about warranties, adding insulation to the underside of the roof and special roofing products that help your home withstand high winds, hail or other dangerous weather.


Those options can contribute to the value of your home at resale and may earn you a homeowners insurance discount.


If you need help finding an experienced, knowledgeable roofer, shoot me an email or call me for a referral.

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