Buyers Information

 Buying a home is exciting, yet it can be a very stressful time in one’s life. However, when working with the Sorelle Sisters, purchasing a home becomes a seamless and delightful journey. Anne & Avisha's Concierge Services provide you with expertise & knowledge to simplify your search and the entire home buying process.

Through their combined team effort, the sisters will find & preview endless properties in order to narrow your search and reduce "on the road time." This leaves you with a pool of target properties that best suit your needs so you can easily choose your Dream Home! 

As a Concierge Client you are always treated as family!

As Your Agent, the Sorelle Sisters will:

  • Protect your best interest at all times while keeping your budget and motives confidential.

  • Educate you about every step of the home buying process and current market conditions.

  • The Sorelle Sisters have extensively researched and vetted the best qualified expert service providers who will help you with each step of the transaction; Attorneys, Lenders, Inspectors and Contractors. This alone saves clients Thousands of dollars both initially as well as in the long run.

  • Match your wants, needs & desires in order to locate the perfect property per your criteria.  

  • Negotiate exclusively on your behalf to reach the very best price & terms for your new home while helping you to avoid costly mistakes. There are multiple steps during the purchase where detailed attention & negotiations must take place. These are the times when experience and expert skills are critical to your transaction.

Before You Start Your Search For A New Home:

  • Check your credit rating and correct any errors before you start your loan process.

  • Determine a comfortable monthly budget for your new purchase: down payment, monthly payment, etc.

  • Find a loan that meets your needs, the sisters can help you navigate through the loan pre-approval process.

  • Determine which neighborhoods best match your needs.

  • Create your home wish and needs list.


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McLean, Virginia 22101


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Miami Beach, FL 33139