New Story Charity

 New Story funds life-saving homes, transforming slums into sustainable communities for families living in danger around the world… join Sorelle Realty in pushing this mission forward.

100% model

Every penny of public donations goes to home construction. Private donors cover New Story overhead.

Video Proof

All donors receive a video of the exact family they help moving into their new home.

Pay it Forward Model

Families pay back the home cost; reinvested into the community – creating ownership and sustainability

 Homes to Homes

With Sorelle Realty, as you purchase a new home or sell your existing one, know that you will be completely changing a family’s life. The Sorelle Sisters have pledged to donate to New Story for every closed purchase and home sale transaction, in order to directly impact a family and entire community. A home is an investment in safety, health, education, and income; help us provide that to a family who needs it. Please share this with your family and friends as they too may want their next real estate transaction to be a part of this remarkable movement.

 About New Story

We believe when you give, you should know exactly who you help and where every penny goes. You will have the opportunity to meet the family your transaction will help and maybe you’d even like to include a photo of them in your own home. Since our founding in December of 2014, New Story has funded over 200 life-changing homes, built one community in Haiti and is now focused on expanding to El Salvador and Nicaragua. Sorelle Realty looks forward to contributing to this organization and all they plan to do!


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